Despite his high flying status, Hafiz affirms that his success is not one-sided. “Whatever I’m doing now, whatever’s quoted in the news, it’s not only for me. It’s packaged together with my team and my family members. I don’t want to be known as an ulama (religious scholar) or an ustadh (religious teacher). I’m not at that level. I want to be known as a person who promotes religion in his own way.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with one of the most successful, influential Islamic singers in the Far East to engage with his fans and celebrate his music in real-time through Twitter and Periscope. Twitter is the best way to connect with one’s favourite artistes through live conversations on a global platform.”

Pratiksha Rao, Twitter Southeast Asia Head Of Media Partnership


Managing Director

Arteffects Sdn. Bhd.


Managing Director

Mikraj Concept Sdn. Bhd.


Managing Director

Haje Sdn. Bhd.


Founder – Yellow Packs

Founder – Yemen Food Project
Organ Donation Ambassador – Ministry of Health
Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporter – Malaysia AIDS Council

Full Albums

2007 – Hafiz Hamidun

2009 – Syukran


2012 – Kasih Padamu

2013 – Jodoh Berdua
2015 – Janjiku
2016 – Marhaban
2017 – Yang Dinanti


Nubook Press

Legacy Publishing


2008 – Malaysian Music Industry Award (AIM)

• Best Music Arrangement Award
• Best Pop Ethnic Album Producer Award

2008 – Music Authors Copyright Protection Award (MACP)

• Song of The Year Award
• Best Melody Award

2009 – Music Authors Copyright Protection Award (MACP)

• Top Young Composer Award

2012 – Profima Award

• Best Audio Award

2016 – Malaysian Music Industry Award (AIM)

• Best Nasyid Song

Platinum Awards

Zikir Terapi Diri – 500,000 CD Sold

Zikir Terapi Diri 2 – 250,000 CD Sold
Zikir Terapi Diri 3 – 150,000 CD Sold